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Disulfiram and Glioblastoma

Several laboratories have now published studies reporting the finding that disulfiram can kill glioblastoma cells in culture. For more than 60 years, disulfiram has been used as part of therapy to wean people off alcohol. It makes the body acutely sensitive to alcohol, producing an unpleasant reaction. Unlike most drugs, disulfiram is able to penetrate the ‘blood-brain barrier’ – a physical and molecular wall that keeps toxic substances out of the brain.

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The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation

The Ivy Foundation has funded more than 50 million dollars of GBM research focused on patient-focused projects with potential for impact in the near term. I thought it would be appropriate to share their mission statement and overview. “Our ultimate goal is to cure brain cancer, while our immediate goal is to improve diagnostics and treatment.

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Seattle Brain Cancer Walk

I’m a neurosurgeon with a focus on treating brain cancer. I see about 200 people with malignant brain cancer each year. These patients face a dilemma that is both frustrating to me as a doctor and heart-breaking to them as a patient. Most believe that in today’s modern world of medicine, treatments are readily available for cancer when caught early. Most are shocked to find that, while this may be true for many cancers, brain cancer remains a lethal exception.

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Facing the Fight

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